We believe that hands-on exp‚Äčerience is the key to giving kids a great foundation.

Sensory Slime Time offers a fun and interactive environment  for individuals to stimulate one or all of their five senses.  Adults and kids are able to walk in and make slime or buy slime. We have a slime menu to choose color, scent, glitter, sequin, beads, etc. With the many different combinations of slime recipes, the options are endless at Sensory Slime Time. We also offer parties and weekday small group reservations. At SST, we want everyone to be comfortable and free. We encourage all individuals to find their creative niche. Don't worry about the mess, we are here to help. While you are in the store, checkout our selection of sensory toys. 

Our Team

We care for your kids like our own.

Ashley Carrier


Ashley is the founder of Sensory Slime Time. She has  years of experience working with special needs children and adults. She has an Applied Sciences degree, Bachelor's-Sociology degree as well as a Master's level Business degree.  

Kadyn Carrier


Kadyn is a six year old "slimatologist". She has learned how to make many different slime recipes on her own. Kadyn is a full time student in kindergarten. When she is not in school, she finds great pleasure in making slime.